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ADEME at a glance

NAME: Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie (Environment and Energy Management Agency)

STATUS: Industrial and commercial public institution placed under the joint authority of the Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea and the Ministry of Higher Education and research.

AREAS OF INTERVENTION: Air, noise, waste, energy, environmental management, polluted sites and soils, transport.

MISSION: Within the frame of public policies defined by the government, the Agency's mission is to stimulate, animate, coordinate, facilitate and perform operations aiming at the environment protection and energy management.

STAFF: 900 employees in 3 central offices (Angers, Paris and Valbonne), 26 regional branches, 3 representations in the French overseas territories and 1 office in Brussels.

ADEME works in highly diverse ways which constitute the specific aspects of its role:
• guidance, organisation and funding of research programmes,
• consultancy and expert assessments,
• development of methodological tools and dissemination of best practices,
• funding of decision-making aids, exemplary operations and projects,
• training, information, communication and awareness-raising actions.

ADEME has a broad capability of intervention:


With its network of 26 regional branches and three overseas territory representations, ADEME guides local authorities and businesses by working with them at all stages of their projects: from identification of the problems to implementation of solutions, via decision-making aid.

...and internationally

In liaison with its supervising authorities and with its diverse partners (including ministries and public bodies, local authorities, businesses, NGOs…), it is developing its expertise on the industrialised countries as well as the emerging and developing countries.

ADEME's actions

Acting for sustainable development

The national strategy defines ADEME's mission. The agency is more particularly expected to contribute in the following areas:

• awareness-raising on sustainable development with regard to all segments (businesses, local authorities, the State, NGOs, the general public),
• help with the preparation and implementation of approaches such as Agenda 21,
• guidance for businesses and local and national authorities by the development of environmental management methods,
• promotion of sustainable consumption,
• participation in the definition and implementation of the “Etat Exemplaire” (the State sets the example) programme.

Combating climate change through more efficient and renewable energies<

ADEME’s actions have the following priorities:
• research on vehicles, buildings and new energy technologies and renewable energies,
• decision-making support to help clients focus their choices on energy-efficient operations,
• renewable energy promotion and dissemination
• funding of demonstration operations and exemplary operations in order to have references to encourage the dissemination of the techniques with the best performance.

Improving air quality

ADEME’s objective is to:
• contribute to the upgrading of the national air quality measurement and monitoring system,
• encourage non-polluting or low-pollution solutions,
• prevent polluting emissions,
• propose urban development models generating fewer journeys.

Reducing the production of waste

ADEME is involved in the following areas:
• prevention of waste production,
• reduction of environmental and health impacts and management of costs,
• guidance for new sectors,
• development of treatment or storage capacities,
• development of a network of regional monitoring bodies.

Rehabilitating polluted sites

ADEME intervenes to carry out cleanup and rehabilitation work on polluted sites and soils when those responsible have defaulted.

Informing the public

To accomplish its mission of providing information for the general public, ADEME publishes information brochures and produces teaching and guidance aids for training actions.

As part of this work, it is developing and coordinating a network of 200 "Espaces Info-Energie" (EIE), or Energy Info Points, throughout France (see the list of EIEs at or call +00 810 060 050). These EIEs provide information and practical advice locally throughout the country.

Acting internationally

In an expansion of its missions, ADEME is now a key player in the area of sustainable development at the European and world levels. In close collaboration with its supervisory ministers and varied network of partners (ministries and public organizations, local authorities, companies, NGOS and so on), the agency is extending its expertise to emerging and developing countries in addition to industrialized nations.

The agency contributes to:

- Implementing European policy and developing the European research centre in the energy and environmental sectors.
- The En R Club, a European network of national energy agencies.
- Constructing a wider Europe
- Cooperative efforts in the Mediterranean region: ADEME has enjoyed long-term relationships with its counterparts in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon, and is a member of the Mediterranean Association of National Energy Management Agencies.
- Cooperation with Southern nations (particularly those in French-speaking Africa and Asia) as part of the international framework agreements on sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

ADEME’s efforts are also geared toward the international promotion of French goods, services and know-how relating to sustainable development through :
- Support for the Eco-Business Export Plan (PEXE).
- The founding of the International ADEME Club, which now groups together approximately 100 companies.

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